Finding Family

A few months ago, we shared a success story about one of our former residents, Jahrona Banks. Not long afterwards, Jahrona got a big surprise.

As a young boy of seven, Jahrona was moved by a family member to Missouri from another state, without informing the rest of the family where they were moving. Jahrona ended up with us at Coyote Hill off and on for several years after that relocation, but never received any contact from his out of state family.

That all changed this summer, when his brother did a google search and ran across Jahrona’s name on our website. That was all it took for the brothers to reconnect, and now Jahrona is moving back to be with his long lost family members.

We invited Jahrona to come out for a going away party, and to do a bit of teaching for our teens. Jahrona learned a love for cooking while he lived here, and he’s been mastering those skills in his job at a hotel restaurant the past three years. We thought it’d be great if he could pass on some of his skills to others.

Before moving away, Jahrona came out and prepared dinner for twenty five people as a part of his going away party, which included some of his former Home Parents who came to say good-bye. After showing the youth how to prepare and plate a meal, one young lady from The Atherton Home commented, “I think it’s so cool that we’re having dinner made by a real chef. Mandy & Brian’s food is good, but this is awesome.”jahrona-grilling

His very first Home Parents, Barry and Lori Stoll, had this to say after the gathering, “We have stayed in touch with him through the years, especially during the holidays. We are thankful that we were invited to the going away dinner. We have seen great progress in his ability to live independently the past three years. He has a firm foundation that was given to him by the Christian nurturing at Coyote Hill. We are so thankful for the small role God gave us in his life.  He is one of those precious souls that changes you forever.”

Words can’t express how blessed all of us at Coyote Hill are to be a part of Jahrona’s life. YOU, as a our Coyote Hill family of supporters, have made a huge difference in this young man’s life.

It’s been a privilege to serve as Jahrona’s family, and now we pray that God richly blesses Jahrona with his new found family!

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