When reunification is not possible, foster children need a safe and loving family to give them a forever home.

When children come into foster care, the initial goal is to reunify them with their families. However, at times this is not possible, and children need a safe and loving family to welcome them into their home permanently.  

Individuals and couples who wish to adopt children who have been in foster care must follow the initial steps to become a foster parent including STARS training. They also must attend Spaulding training, a 12-hour course that gives more information on how adoption through the foster care system works.

Foster Children in Need of Forever Families

According to the 2017 Annie E. Casey Kids Count Data Center, 50% of foster children in Missouri are reunified with biological parents, 22% are adopted, and approximately 8% age out. The average age of foster children in Missouri is between 9 and 10 years old. Whenever possible, the goal in fostering to adopt is almost always to keep sibling groups together.

The Missouri Heart Gallery is a great resource as you consider whether fostering to adopt is right for you. The goal of the Missouri Adoption Heart Gallery is to recruit more foster and adoptive families in Missouri and to let people know that older children need loving, forever homes, also. (If you are limited to adopting only infants or toddlers, we recommend seeking out a private adoption agency.)

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