Prepared for the Future

Jahrona Banks was a young man who spent several years at Coyote Hill – even though there were times when he didn’t want to be here. Yet now, looking back, he realizes that those years were shaping and preparing him to succeed as an adult.

Those of us who knew Jahrona during his years at Coyote Hill know that he was a loner. His Home Parents continually encouraged and challenged Jahrona to join in family activities, talk with visitors, etc. Like most teenagers, he often begrudged that parental “prodding,” but now he says he’s so glad they spent the time working with him, as it helps him greatly in his job.

Case Manager and Therapist, Erica Healy, says she often went over job application scenarios with Jahrona – explaining what to say to potential employers and about calling to follow up on an application. Now, he tells Erica that he may not have appreciated the training at the time, but he knows it helped him in securing a job.

When Jahrona graduated high school and moved on from Coyote Hill in 2012, he moved into a transitional living placement (TLP.) While there, he received continued help with life skill training and began his first job.

Since then, he’s secured an even better job, moved into an apartment of his own, and, according to his former Home Parent Dad Tim Hughes, “He’s doing GREAT!” 

“We were all a bit concerned, like any parent is, when Jahrona moved on,” Tim continues. “But now, he’s doing extremely well for himself. We love seeing what big things God is doing in his life!

Please remember that these success stories are only possible because of your continued support and involvement. Thank you!