Donors Reasons for Giving to Coyote Hill

We love our Coyote Hill family of supporters. We asked them to share the reasons why they choose to donate to Coyote Hill.

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People like me appreciate what you do. We NEED you to do what you do. I know how to make money, but you guys do stuff that I have no skill in. Stuff I couldn’t dream of doing. Thus, I use my gift to partner with you and help you do what you do. I have the least part. You are doing the greatest part. –Mark Zimmer
Outside of my family and my faith, by far the most rewarding and important thing I have had the opportunity of to be a part of is Coyote Hill. Investing in a business, job, and most of life’s details is fleeting, but investing in people (children’s lives) can last  forever, by breaking cycles of abuse and neglect. –Pete Cummings, Founding C.H. Board Member
Everything I heard about Coyote Hill was understated. –a new donor
I give because EVERY child needs and deserves to experience the love of a family and to be taught about the love of Jesus.
I had the pleasure of touring Coyote Hill with my grandchildren while visiting family in the area.  The staff and house parents were accommodating and kind.  The kids loved the horses and playground! It is an AMAZING work that you are doing and we are pleased to support such work; even in small ways.

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“I’ve been blessed, so it’s a blessing to be able to bless others. Coyote Hill is a blessing to so many children, which will continue to bless the lives of their future families and the people they will know. Thus, the blessing continues on and on!” 

“There is no such thing as too much love or compassion in this world. It makes my heart sing to be of any assistance to Coyote Hill. I’m always driven to make God proud of my efforts, however big or small. Every little bit we can do to care for others counts not just for them but for ourselves as well.”

“I love the ‘giving’ aspect more than anything!  I feel that this is more than just giving, it is the right thing to do.  I am so glad we got involved – it does my heart good to know that each dollar or item we give will be put to good use.  We hope to be able to give more next year!”

“I give so that Coyote Hill can continue enriching and changing the lives of children whom desperately need the love, support and Godly guidance shown and taught to them in the homes at Coyote Hill.”

“I support Coyote Hill for several reasons. It all started when I met Larry and Cathy McDaniel when Coyote Hill was just beginning, and I realized they had the same heart and love for children that I did. I’ve volunteered with a lot of places over the years, but the specialness of Coyote Hill stays with me. Coyote Hill gets it right! I believe it is the Lord’s anointing, because everything they do is centered around giving each child stability and the resources they need to thrive. They don’t just provide physically for the kids – they are breaking cycles of abuse, and I’m all for that! They are making eternal changes and you can’t go wrong with that. I’ll support Coyote Hill for the rest of my days – I’m so proud of how far they’ve come and I’m excited to see how far they’re going to grow!”

“I give because these children are our future – they all deserve the best! Each child is unique and made by God and they all make me smile.”

“Children need a safe place to live.”

“I support Coyote Hill because children are our future. Unhappy, unloved kids often times become poor citizens and will likely be lousy parents, too. We need to stop the cycle of abuse, neglect and abandonment. Coyote Hill is a great means to achieve this goal.”

“It is a place where I know love and structure are a part of each child’s life.”

“I support Coyote Hill because I believe in your mission to help children and impact them for Christ. I’ve heard good things about Coyote Hill at church and through other supporters.”

“I love the sounds of happy children: their laughter, their cries of glee, and the shrieks that come from carnival rides and games of tag.  Youth should be a time of joy.  I am glad that Coyote Hill is there. It makes me happy.”

“I am so happy to support Coyote Hill. They are writing love notes to children for the rest of their lives!”

If you’re a part of our Coyote Hill family of supporters, we would love to hear why YOU give. Simply send an email to Lori.

If you’ve never given, today is a great time to make one simple click and change that. It could change the life of a child. 


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