Coyote Hill has helped more than 500 children in foster care.

Coyote Hill works every day to give children a chance to succeed through its marriage of Christian ministry and professional services. We believe that either one by itself would fall short of what we are called to do for children.

Coyote Hill began in 1991 when Larry & Cathy McDaniel, after becoming foster parents, began to see the great need and decided they didn’t want to get to the end of their lives without having done this.

Since then, Coyote Hill has worked to give each child in its care a safe, loving home environment. What started as one large foster family has grown into three areas of ministry: foster care services, a children’s home neighborhood, and an equine program.

“Many of our children come from unspeakable situations of abuse and neglect. We tell the children in our care, we cannot give them a new beginning, but we can help them create a better ending.”

Larry McDaniel, Founder & CEO

We believe…

  • Everything you invest into the life of a child today is going to have an eternally significant return on investment for generations to come.
  • There is room at the top for children who have been abused, neglected and oppressed. They need the chance, an opportunity, and the support.

You can be a part of this daily ministry for children and make an eternally significant difference.

Connect With Us

Connect With Us