Ordinary Moments in Extraordinary Times

This is spring break week for our children. As many of you know first-hand, it’s unlike any spring break we’ve ever experienced before. 

When school was cancelled last week, our lives, like many of yours, suddenly became more complicated. Several plans had to be cancelled or postponed. Traveling anywhere was to be limited. Then, with Boone County’s “stay at home” mandate, our Home Parents aren’t even leaving to go grocery shopping. They message or call in their shopping requests and CEO Larry McDaniel or another staff member living in Columbia make sure it all gets picked up and delivered, directly to a picnic table outside of our office, where Home Parents can then come pick it up. 

baby chickens at the Petersheim Home | coyotehill.org
girl in The Wright Home paints designs on nails | coyotehill.org

Extraordinary times, isn’t it? Yet, we are loving some of the ordinary moments that are happening each day with our children. 

Human domino competitions. Time for horseback riding outdoors. Reading. Movie and pizza nights, with children making their own individual pizzas. Buying baby chicks so the children have some new animals to care for and love. Lots of practice doing nails with elaborate puppy designs. 

Riding outdoors | coyotehill.org

There have been funny games via group messaging, like this one, for all of us who are working from home these days: Tell us something your kids are doing, but refer to them as your “co-workers.” 

A few fun responses included: 

  • One of my coworkers refuses to put clothes on. 
  • One of my coworkers threw books off the shelves, with permission from management. 
  • A couple of my coworkers jumped in puddles for 20 minutes then ran through the office in their wet and muddy clothes. 
  • One of our coworkers is carrying around a palm tree, then another one was jousting with a palm tree. 
  • One of my coworkers is sitting on the air hockey table reading books. 

One evening, two of our Support Parents decided it was time to release some stress and tension by holding a pillow fight tournament. 

We wore our sweatshirts backwards, put the hood up so it acted like a blindfold, and then spun around and around before taking a swing with the pillow to see who we could hit first. We remained close together so no one got hurt. It quickly devolved into joyous madness. We hadn’t laughed that hard in a while! They were laughing and smiling until their faces and stomachs hurt. Their joy, even just for that moment, was worth taking a pillow to the face. Which I did take. Repeatedly.” 

~~Taylor Largent, Support Parent

There’s also been preparation for gardening. Yes, it’s extremely muddy, but since when do children care whether or not they get muddy?! 

Your continued support is allowing us to do what we always do – provide love, safety and stability for children who desperately need it. It is definitely more challenging. It requires extreme amounts of patience and creativity. But it’s the right thing to do. Changing times and circumstances cannot change what we offer to our children. 

Thanks to you, we will abide

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