What was Lost is Found

Our dads share a story of how a lost iPod led a teen boy to a discussion of faith.

Our Home Parent Dads get together once a week to pray for Coyote Hill and the kids. During one of those weekly prayer times, Josh McCaskey shared about how *Greg had lost his iPod out on the football practice field and was quite upset about it. So as they were praying, Home Parent Dad in the Zimmer Home, Cody Cox, simply prayed, “God, you’re good at making lost things found. Could you make this iPod show up and do it in a way that brings glory to you? While You’re at it, could you help Greg surrender more to You?”

Not only did Greg find the iPod unharmed, three days after he lost it on the practice field, but it became the instrument through which God answered the much bigger prayer.

A few mornings after the iPod was found, Josh decided to speak into Greg’s life. He saw him listening to the iPod and proceeded to explain how important it was for Greg to guard his heart and mind. 

“You have to be careful what you listen to. It will affect how you think. We need to keep our thoughts pure.’ I was saying things like that to him, but as I started to say, ‘As a Christian…’ he interrupted me.”

“I don’t call myself a Christian,” Greg said.

Josh was taken aback. “But you told me you were. You said you were baptized this year.”

Greg explained, “Well, I got baptized because I wanted to leave that old stuff behind. Become a new person; get a fresh start. That kind of stuff.”

Josh exclaimed, “Well, that’s what becoming a Christian is all about!”

“But I don’t think I can focus on being a Christian,” Greg continued. “I’ve got lots of things I’ve got to do before I can focus on that. I need to get a job. Save up for a car.”

Now it was Josh’s turn to interrupt, “Greg, you can do ALL of that as a Christian.”

Josh proceeded to explain things about Jesus and God, and Greg kept saying, “Yup, I believe that.”

Josh finished with, “Well then, dude, you’re a Christian.”

Greg then asked Josh if he needed to be baptized again. Josh says, “I explained it probably wasn’t necessary. I told him that many times, believers decide they need to rededicate and recommit their lives to Christ.” 

That’s when Greg asked, “Can I do that now, then?”

Josh says, “We talked through it some more, then we prayed together. Just a few days later, he asked me if he could join me when I did my morning Bible reading, so he’s been doing that. I’m really proud of him and praying it all takes root!”

Cody concludes, “God took an eight second prayer that I thought was insignificant and just totally showed up!”

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