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Introducing: Coyote Hill Foster Care Services Model

Coyote Hill is excited to announce that we are expanding! After caring for children for many years at our Children’s Home in Harrisburg, MO., we will now be licensing and supporting individual foster families in Columbia and the surrounding communities.

Foster Care Services (FCS) uses Coyote Hill’s decades of proven success to change the landscape of foster care in mid-Missouri. FCS bridges the gap through supportive services, while empowering foster parents to care for children and prepare them for reconnecting with their biological family.

If you’d like more information, contact our Foster Care Services Coordinator, Aubrey Ash, or click on the button below and let Aubrey know how she can be of service to you.

Many of our children come from unspeakable situations of abuse and neglect. We tell the children in our care that we cannot give them a new beginning, but we CAN help them create a better ending. The love, support, family values, relational skills and life skills that we teach and model to our children will not only have a life-long impact on them, but it will continue to influence generations to come.

~~Larry McDaniel, MSW, LCSW
Founder, CEO
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