Dedication of Cathy ' s Home, 1997

Founded 1991 by Larry and Cathy


Cathy McDaniel

Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home was founded in 1991, by Larry and Cathy McDaniel, along with an active Board of Directors. Larry and Cathy’s experience in foster care led to a realization that there was a tremendous need for a professional home of love that was able to address the social and emotional issues, in addition to the physical ones of food, shelter, and clothing. Behind it all was their faith in Christ, and that foundational Christianity is still modeled and valued by our staff today.

In September of 1993 Cathy was diagnosed with extensive cancer. When she became unable to continue to serve as a Home Parent, other Home Parents were hired on a full time basis. Cathy passed away on November 21, 1994. Larry still serves as the Executive Director today.

In July of 1997, the first new home was completed, designed and built according to Missouri state licensing regulations. The 5300 sq. ft. facility was designed especially for working with children in need of A Safe Place to Be a Child.

This home was named Cathy’s Home.

Property Donation & Second Home Completed 1999


Mark and Laurene Zimmer

Coyote Hill is located on property donated by Mark and Laurene Zimmer. In the fall of 1999, a second home was completed, named and dedicated in honor of Mark and Laurene and their family; The Zimmer Home.

Mark and Laurene’s vision for Coyote Hill and their heart for God’s children blessed us with not only our property and a beautiful home for children in need; but also with a grace that abounds towards all who are a part of Coyote Hill.

Mark passed away in January of 2018. The impact of Mark and Laurene’s incredible heart for children and families through their strong support of the mission of Coyote Hill will be felt for generations to come.

Third Home Completed 2000

Ira and Gail Hubbell

Ira and Gail Hubbell

A third home, known as the Hubbell Home, was completed in September of 2000. Built in honor and with the generous support of Ira and Gail Hubbell and their family, this home has been a wonderful addition to our ministry and service to families.

Ira and Gail shared a commitment to give children a place to grow, learn, to love, to play . . . A Safe Place to Be a Child. Gail passed away in November of 2013, and Ira in January of 2018. Their legacy of service will forever live on in the Hubbell Home.

The compassion they brought and the value they added to Coyote Hill will continue to be a blessing to all who are touched by this ministry.


Fourth Home Completed 2011

Bentley Wright

The Wright Home was completed in April of 2011, and dedicated in honor of Forrest “Bud” and Marjorie Wright by their sons, Bentley and Hartley. Bentley, a long-time supporter and friend of Coyote Hill, passed away in January of 2013.

Bud and Marjorie’s lifetime of service to others is reflected in their sons’ giving to the next generation and many more to come through the Wright Home.

“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” ~~Pericles

May this home be a place where all good things are woven into the lives of countless children who will then grow up to have a life that is full and complete.


Fifth Home Completed 2014

Bill and Tammy Atherton and family

When Bill and Tammy Atherton came on staff as home parents in the mid-1990’s, they served in Larry’s former family residence and listened to dreams about a new property containing homes designed and built specifically for a children’s home ministry. Meanwhile, they served 24/7, seven days a week…and learned in the school of “hard knocks” how to be the best possible Home Parents they could be, serving longer than any Home Parents in our history. As Larry said, “They set the bar for all future Home Parents.” 

Thus, our fifth home, The Atherton Home, is named in honor of Bill and Tammy Atherton and their parents & family who have supported them.

The home is dedicated to all the future Home Parents who will serve and sacrifice daily, and to the children who will have a chance to call it home.  May it bring glory to God, be a place to find rest, and allow for the development of hope, peace, and success in the lives of all who will live and serve here.


Sixth Home Completed 2019

Ed Petersheim and Brenda with Founder Larry McDaniel |

The Petersheim Home was completed in March 2019 through the generosity and vision of Ed Petersheim. With additional generous support from Veterans United Foundation and our community, this home was built to be another safe place to be a child.

Ed and Brenda and Veterans United Foundation share a compassion for children and a commitment to enhance lives. May this home be a legacy of devotion and humility, impacting children for generations to come.



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