Success for Life

Coyote Hill knows every child deserves the chance to be a kid.

We also know that children can better thrive when their parents are equipped to support the behaviors and challenges that arise when caring for children from hard places.

Each home at the children’s home has House Parents whose full-time work is to be mom and dad for the children, and our House Parents are highly trained in trauma-informed care and TBRI® caregiving.

A Safe Place to Be a Child

We are committed to giving every child, who’s childhood up to this point has been marked with abuse and neglect, a safe place to be a child.

One of the first gifts a child receives is a new bike & helmet. The Children’s Home also features a huge playground and basketball court at every home as well as a lake with water trampolines, a campsite with a fishing pond, a ball field, an equine program, and trails to explore.

Areas of Focus

Every child is worth our time and care.

With focused areas of support, we seek to give each child a chance at a successful future.


  • The Need: The average child placed at Coyote Hill has already been through at least two or three placements and experienced the loss of multiple parental figures. In extreme situations, a child can have upwards of 12 past placements.
  • The Solution: Coyote Hill reduces the negative effects of this lack of stability by creating an atmosphere of predictability, support, structure, and love. Consistency and structure looks like daily routines, family responsibilities, and predictability in their interactions with their House Parents.

Educational Tutoring

  • The Need: Children in foster care are twice as likely to drop out of high school. Nearly every child comes to Coyote Hill behind in reading and math comprehension; often a year behind in school. The goal of tutoring is to help the child reach or exceed his/her grade level, while avoiding being overwhelmed. We strive to instill a love of learning.
  • The Solution: We strive to instill a love of learning. Daily after-school tutoring helps a child reach his/her grade level and avoid feeling overwhelmed. To date, 100% of students living at Coyote Hill during their senior year have graduated high school.

Life Skills

  • The Need: Our children often lack basic life skills when they arrive due to the trauma and neglect they’ve experienced. Developing appropriate ways to express anger, accepting “no” answers from authority figures, or treating others’ belongings with respect and care are integral skills for a child’s future success.
  • The Solution: Practical life skills such as learning to do laundry, cleaning, proper hygiene and cooking are taught.  This program teaches children basic skills, in accordance with their age, and involves setting goals.

Independent Living & Vocational Skills

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