TBRI® Lunch and Learn

Every Thursday, beginning April 9, 2020

1 to 1:30 PM

From the comfort of your home

COVID-19 may have canceled our training classes, but we can still provide you with online assistance!

Caring well for kids coming out of trauma can be incredibly challenging. Each week, our facilitators will present a 30 minute Zoom session, discussing various Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) topics.

Week One Topic: Connecting Strategies

This information is for everyone: families, school professionals, case managers, CASA, and others who work with children/teens/adults in foster/adoptive homes or from hard places. Our hope is to help families build safe and healthy relationships that promote growth and connectedness.

Amy Kingery, TBRI® Practitioner

Paige Douce, TBRI® Practitioner

Email Amy or Paige if you have questions about our TBRI® Lunch and Learn sessions.

Training made possible through Boone County Children’s Services Fund.

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TBRI Lunch & Learn
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