Why Isn’t She Mad?

Our Founder, Larry McDaniel, asks a thought-provoking question…

While I worked on the property recently, a beautiful eight-year-old bounced down the lane from the Hubbell Home to the office. She and a sibling have been here at Coyote Hill for almost a year…and probably will be for a long time. She had a spring in her step and a big smile on her face, and it brought joy to my heart to see her and know that we provide her with a safe place to be a child.

I can’t imagine why her parents and other family failed her. I can’t help asking myself, “Why isn’t she mad?”

She should be mad about what has happened to her. I am mad about it…. but she isn’t. She just gets back up each day and puts a smile on her face and gives all the love in her heart to those at Coyote Hill who care for her.

For me, that day suddenly became more worth living after seeing her smiling and happy, knowing she lives in a home where she is loved. I am told she sleeps with a picture of her Coyote Hill Home Parents every night, and delights in calling them mommy and daddy.

My heart is broken over the pain she and her sibling have endured, but they will overcome. We can’t go back in time and give them a new beginning, but we can work together now to change their ending …. developing a life that is full and complete. If God has ever brought me to anything, He has brought me to this work. We can do this…we must do this.

~~Larry McDaniel

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