Veterans Partner with Coyote Hill

Millions of veterans nationwide return home with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and traumatic brain injuries. Recently, the Columbia VA Medical Center partnered with Coyote Hill, in order that veterans could be enriched while working with our horses.veteran enjoying equine therapy |

Army Veteran Gary Kyle states, “[It’s] one of the happiest days I’ve had in years.”

Our Equine Program Manager, Rebecca Buchholz, says, “The partnership is working because these veterans get to be with horses who don’t care about their past, but they do care about them now. It’s working because for a few hours, the veterans’ path is made a bit easier and they realize that life is not hopeless and they are of value. It works because for a few hours, the horses get to be the light of God to these men and women who want out of a dark place.”

Executive Director Larry McDaniel concludes, “I’m very happy about Coyote Hill being a community partner with Columbia VA Medical Center. We really appreciate the people at the VA and all they are doing for our veterans.”

We hope you’ll be inspired as you view the KOMU video report of this therapeutic partnership. We are so honored to play this small part in serving the men and women who faithfully served our country.

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