Small Steps. Big Progress.

Success can be difficult to define when you’re working on improving young lives. Our Home Parents are usually the first to notice the successes.

We’re excited to share with you some recent improvements that Home Parents in The Atherton Home, Brian and Mandy Wallace, have seen in a couple of their teens:

“One defiant young man came to us as a last attempt before sending him off to a stricter living situation. After just two weeks in our home, Randall* seemed like a new person. Last spring, he began working hard at his schoolwork so he could play football this fall. He’s doing just that, and doing great. He continues to improve and strive to do better. He really is setting the standard in our home. One day recently, his teacher sent us this note:

“‘When Randall found out he received a good score on his test today, he was super proud.  He asked me to enter the score immediately so that he could bring the test home to show you!!’”

Brian Wallace continues, “There’s also a young lady in our home who did NOT want to come to our home. It literally took all day to convince Janive* to come inside and try it for one night. One night turned into many more nights, and she’s now much more calm and trusting. This school year she currently has a GPA of 3.78 – the highest in our home! 

“Janive worked all summer on her attitude, with the goal of attending ATA (taekwondo) along with the kids from The Wright Home this fall. A few days ago, her goal was reached and she was able to go along and join. 

“She’s turning into an amazing young woman!”

*names changed for sake of confidentiality

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