Protect Their Hearts on Valentine’s Day

Our Executive Director, Larry McDaniel, shares words of warning and encouragement for parents about Valentine’s Day:

As a young boy in grade school, I remember the Valentine’s Day event in which we were all expected to participate, each bringing Valentine’s cards for other students in the class. I’m sure it seemed like a good idea to the teachers, but for some children in the class it was a day of tension, broken hearts, embarrassment, humiliation, even shame. There were the popular kids who exchanged their Valentine’s cards amongst each other with great merriment and cheer. There were the kids in the “middle class” as it were, who could expect to be treated civilly, both because of the day being celebrated and the fact that they were not in the “lower class.” The kids in the lower class, however, would just be glad when the party was over, so they could once again go back to living out their lives in whatever corner they usually called home away from home.

Get involved with your children this Valentine’s Day

Here’s how it worked. If you were one of the more popular kids, or best dressed, or cleanest, or well mannered, or with good grades, everyone would be quite happy to receive a card from you. In fact, the moderately popular kids considered it somewhat of an honor to actually get noticed, even if it was somewhat required. But the kids in the lower class group would never expect such a gift from someone at the top, and would probably consider it some kind of cruel joke if it actually happened. Those kids in the lower class group likely never considered giving a card to those at the top. It’s an unspoken rule. You just didn’t do it. The risk was too high and the potential laughter and mocking would be too painful.

Parents, take back Valentine’s Day for your children, including your older children. Don’t let fate dictate what happens to their heart on this day. Don’t let others decide their value as a person. Find ways to communicate to your children how important they are to you, and that they capture your heart completely. For ideas of ways to do this, see a few ideas below or do your own search of the phrase, “Valentine’s day with your kids.” Sort through all the ideas you find and choose one that is a good match for you and your children. Make sure your children have a memory of Valentine’s Day that is treasured and brings a smile to their face for the rest of their lives. You can do it. You absolutely can do it, and will be forever thankful that you did.             ~~Larry McDaniel


Take Back Valentine’s Day Ideas:

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