Seasons of Ministry

Our Foster Care Services Coordinator, Aubrey Ash, shares her reflections on Coyote Hill’s recent growth and expansion. 

One of my hobbies is gardening. There’s something about working in the soil and growing seeds into nutritious food that that I find highly satisfying. Gardening goes through seasons. Each year there is a season to rest, a season in which to plan and plant, and a season of abundance and harvest. It occurred to me that these seasons also occur in life and ministry.  

boy gardens at Coyote Hill in 1993 |
This photo of Joshua McDaniel helping in the garden was taken in 1993, when Coyote Hill was in its beginning planning and planting season.

Last year the staff at Coyote Hill went through another season of preparation and planning. They diligently worked with the State of Missouri to complete applications, reports and paperwork to obtain a child placing license. They had dreamed of expanding the ministry’s reach to be able to help more children and families in mid-Missouri. They were faithful in doing the work that needed to be done to fulfill this dream.  

I was welcomed into the Coyote Hill family as the Foster Care Services Coordinator in September of 2019 and have been helping continue this season of preparation. We have been sharing our vision of well-trained, well-supported foster families. We have spent time with hopeful foster families, hearing their desires to be a safe home for children and sharing with them our desire to walk through life with them. 

In January of 2020 we began our first STARS class, and this month we began our second. We have officially moved from our planning and preparation season into the season of abundance and harvest.  Following the completion of these first two classes, we will license 20 foster families. More have continued to inquire about joining us and intend to become licensed in future classes.  It has been overwhelming and exciting to see the number of wonderful individuals and families who have such a heart for children. I have been amazed at the level of commitment and care they all have and will bring to the Coyote Hill ministry. 

Seasons of growth and abundance can be difficult. In gardening, it takes a lot of time and effort to care for the plants to make sure they mature and provide an abundant harvest. Seasons of growth in ministry is the same. Our staff is working hard to host high-quality trainings, support families as they go through the licensing process, and make sure all requirements are met.  During this season we must remember that though our days may be long, the harvest will be worth it. The outcome will be safe homes for more children in our communities. 

Ways you can help as we move into this new season:

  • Continue to support Coyote Hill, as many of you already faithfully do.
  • Spread the message to others so they know the great work that this ministry is fulfilling. Encourage them to come alongside us. 
  • Pray for the families who have courageously stepped up to join us in this challenging work and for the children who will be placed in their homes.  

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