First Day of School Prayer Requests

The beginning of a school year brings with it much excitement, anxiety and challenges. Will you join us in prayer for these specific requests as our children begin school at Harrisburg R-VIII on August 14?

  • For our children who are new to Coyote Hill and Harrisburg schools, that they will feel welcomed, accepted, and understood by peers, staff, and teachers.
  • For our children who left to return to their biological families or to a new placement, that the transition will not be difficult and they will be able to adapt to a new school and make new friends.
  • For a child repeating kindergarten, that he will have a successful year this time.
  • Thank God for the teachers who work with our children. Pray for their strength, that they can extend grace and patience in tough situations, and be understanding of our children’s trauma and how it effects them. 
  • For a child who has experienced bullying in the past, pray that he makes good, positive friendships and will have a sense of belonging.
  • For our athletes, that they will be able to maintain their grades, play well, and not have serious injuries.
  • For Home Parents’ biological children and all of our children: that they will stay strong and confident in who they are and who Christ wants them to be, rather than who their peers want them to be. That they will grow in compassion and love for others and for Christ.
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  • Ask that older youth can focus and stay sharp for extra course loads and dual-credit classes.
  • For a young girl who finds it challenging to leave home and go to school. Ask that she will feel loved by God, her parents and those around her at school.
  • That the children can find and build HEALTHY friendships.
  • That our teenagers can understand the joy of singleness and not be so anxious to find a girlfriend/boyfriend, regardless of the peer pressure. Pray that they can be patient.
  • For our children who are nervous and apprehensive, that their anxieties associated with school will be eased.  That they will find peace and not turmoil in their assignments, their teachers and their friends.
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“And you can join in helping with prayer for us, so that thanks may be given by many on our behalf for the gift that came to us through [the prayers of] many.” –2 Corinthians 1:11

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