Field Trip Discovery

The end of May concludes two significant events: the end of National Foster Care month, and the end of another school year. This story, from Home Parent Mom in the Hubbell Home, Violeta Douce, celebrates both:

“Katrina* asked if I would volunteer to be one of the parents to come along on her 6th grade field trip to Hannibal. I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous as I wondered if she would end up being embarrassed to have her foster mom tag along and thus ignore me in favor of her friends. I prepared myself to just accept the fact that I would be staying in the background, taking pictures from afar and maybe occasionally waving at her.

“When the day of the trip arrived, she surprised me by expressing how happy she was that I was there. Other 6th grade kids that I know from the other homes also welcomed me. I ended up spending the entire field trip with Katrina and another girl from The Wright Home. While in Mark Twain Cave, we took lots of pictures (including silly selfies.) We also explored the Mark Twain Riverboat and even talked about boys! We strolled around downtown Hannibal a little bit and I was overjoyed as both girls locked arms with me as we strolled past all the cute little shops together. We enjoyed some gelato and then ended our time with a two hour road trip back home, singing loudly along with the radio.

“Besides the wonderful time shared together, another of my favorite parts about being on the field trip was seeing how respectful, thoughtful and polite all of our Coyote Hill kids were to their teachers and classmates. It was one of those rare moments where I could witness firsthand the fruit of all the hard work the Coyote Hill staff pour into these children. I loved it!”

~~Violeta Douce

*name changed for sake of confidentiality

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