How big is Overton Arena?

How big is Overton Arena?

Overton arena has two sections. There is a 90’x72’ barn that has 14 horse stalls, a hot/cold wash rack, tack room, barn office, kitchenette, bathroom, hay storage, and dry storage. Directly connected is a 10’x120’ indoor riding arena with sand footing, and four “temporary stalls” in the indoor arena.

Who rides at Overton Arena?

Every child at Coyote Hill has the opportunity to come to the barn once a week to spend time with the horses. In addition, Coyote Hill enjoys sharing the services of Overton Arena with similar ministries that would benefit from equine therapy. 

How do you get your horses?

All of Coyote Hill’s horses have been acquired through donations. While we would love to open our doors to every horse that needs a new place to live, not every horse is a good match for our program. More often than not, our ability to accept new horses is based on the number of openings we have available.

How many horses do you have?

Coyote Hill has 18 head of horses. Three miniature horses, two small ponies, one large pony and twelve full-sized horses. Our horses come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and breeds.

Where do the children ride?

Everywhere! Most children start out in the indoor arena, where the environment is easier to control, while they learn the basics. As the child progresses, they have the option to ride in our round pen, outdoor riding arena, fields, or the onsite trails.

How did the equine program and Overton Arena get started?

According to our founder, Larry McDaniel, “In the beginning we got one horse, and then that horse got lonely so we got two more to keep it company, and then somehow we had five.” In July 2011, Doris Overton, in memory of her late husband, Jack, gave to build the Overton Arena we have today.

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