Celebrating God’s Diverse Creation

Visit Coyote Hill on any given day and you might catch a glimpse of a blonde-hair, blue-eyed child brushing aside the glossy black ringlets of her ebony-eyed sister as she whispers and giggles in her ear. A young girl of Native American descent might be studying the story of the Pilgrims with a young boy of Hispanic origin. Coyote Hill is a collection of children and parents who are incredibly diverse, interacting together as one big family.  

father and foster son hold hands | coyotehill.org

You’ll see a home full of energetic children of all ages, sizes and skin color piling into a van early each weekday, ready for another day of school. Those same children might be found standing up for each other when faced by a bully at school – with no thought to their lack of genetic similarity or connection.  Loading up for first day of school | coyotehill.org

Racial diversity is a part of Coyote Hill…and a part of God’s very good idea from the very beginning. We believe it’s vital to teach your children to value racial diversity.  Bi-racial foster siblings hold hands | coyotehill.org

A new book we recommend that helps you walk through these conversations with your children is: God’s Very Good Idea: A True Story of God’s Delightfully Different Family by Trillia Newbell 

God’s very good idea is to have lots of different people enjoying loving him and loving each other.”Trillia Newbell 

Let’s do our part, all year long, to teach our children that God made all of us exactly the way we are, and we need to respect, honor and love the beautiful diversity of those He brings into our lives. It is, after all, His very good idea. 

4 Ways to Help Kids Embrace Those Who Are Different From Them 

Bi-racial foster siblings walk while holding hands | coyotehill.org

–Header image illustrated by one of our Parent Aides, Madison West

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