Cardboard Entrepreneurs

Why settle for an ordinary Valentine’s Day box when you can turn that box into something that allows you to run a small business? 

We’re not sure if that’s what two young Zimmer Home children had in mind. Yet these two, who often don’t get along with each other, suddenly found themselves with a common vision. They put their heads together and came up with a candy dispensing cardboard creation.  

Their Home Parent Dad, Cody Cox, explains, “A few days ago, these two started envisioning a candy dispensing machine that they could make out of cardboard. They worked on it almost entirely on their own. It was the coolest engineered cardboard creation I’ve ever seen. After they created it, they decided they could turn it into a small business. 

candy dispenser cardboard ingenuity

They sold out their entire candy supply at The Hubbell Home. They do need to make some adjustments to their cost and profit margins, though. We’ll have to raise the price a bit or help them buy in bulk, because they used their allowance to buy and fill it with $6.00 worth of candy…and made a total of $4.00 selling the candy.

“It was really fun watching them working on that project together.” 

Whether or not they succeed as candy sales people or inventors, it’s exciting to see children’s ingenuity at work. It’s your support that allows our children the opportunity to play, dream and be imaginative!

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