Blast from the Past — Fishing in 1998

We think you’ll enjoy this story from September of 1998, told by Larry’s wife, Denise McDaniel:

Denise stopped to chat with a child who was returning from fishing at the lake…

Denise: How was the fishing today?

Child (with great excitement): There was a really big one, and I ALMOST caught it!

Denise: Oh, I’m sorry that it got off your hook.

Child: But I didn’t have a hook.

Denise: No hook???!

Child: No, I lost it, but I wanted to keep fishing anyway. So I found a tree with a web of worms on it. I pulled off some of the web with the worms and tied it on my fishing line.

Denise: Goodness…we need to get you some more hooks.

Child: No, that’s okay. It’s harder this way, but the fish really like those worms. And if I get fast enough, when I lead them up to shore with the worms, I will catch them with my hands or a net!

Denise concluded: Children can teach us so much! If you or I didn’t have a hook, we wouldn’t go fishing. How many times have we missed opportunities because things weren’t quite the way we thought they should be? I laughed as the child shared the story with me, but later as I thought about it, I asked God that He would give me a heart like this child. Help me to find joy in situations that may not be as I would have wanted them to be.

And Larry’s sidenote? “YES, we do have hooks!”

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