Faith Really Does Matter

Joel had never really been to church before coming to Coyote Hill.

Yet one evening during the week, he walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table with his Bible and notebook in hand. Most of the children were already in bed, but being one of the older boys, Joel* was allowed to stay up a little bit later. Instead of playing video games or watching TV like other nights, Joel began reading out loud stories about Jesus. He was never asked to get his Bible or even be reminded that it might be a good choice. Joel took the initiative and continued to soak up the knowledge gained. He asked questions to the adults in the room and truly engaged with the material.

During a later conversation, Joel admitted that he would like to grow up and be a Baptist. With further clarification, Joel was able to say what he meant was that he wanted to be a Pastor! Since coming to Coyote Hill, he has been a part of a God-focused house, which has taught him how to incorporate faith in all aspects of his life. The principles and values he is learning at Coyote Hill have really made an impact on him and his future.

On another weeknight at The Hill, Jasmine* had just changed into her pajamas before bedtime. However, there was still a little time for her to play in the playroom with her younger brother before lights out. Jasmine bypassed the dolls, the blocks and the books to stand up on a wooden stool. After she was proudly standing high on her stool, she brought from behind her back a Bible. Jasmine then proceeded to open the Bible and begin to preach to the large crowd before her. (Of course the only other person in the room was her brother, but Jasmine didn’t mind; she felt like she had important things to share about Jesus.) After she finished preaching, Jasmine walked out of the play room and asked when her next Bible study group was, because she was excited to go. She was told that she would be going the following evening. Jasmine flashed a big smile, turned around, and said “Ok I’m ready for bed now.”

If you’ve ever wondered if sending kids to church, praying with them and completing devotionals with them really matters; these are just a snapshot of the stories that take place at Coyote Hill every day.

–Story contributed by: Crystal Rodenbaugh, Intern

If you’d like more information about how our Home Parents are teaching our children about Bible, please feel free to contact any of them here.

*Name changed for sake of confidentiality.

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