Changed Lives

We have a young lady that has been with us for a few years who will soon be leaving Coyote Hill. One of our staff members, Amy Kingery, reflected on the changes and improvements that we’ve seen in Katie* since she first came to The Hill:

Demonstrating some new skills

“I remember how bitter Katie was when she first arrived at Coyote Hill. She has come a long way and grown so much! She is faithful with the horses and thoroughly enjoys the opportunity she was given with gymnastics. She advanced through several levels of the gymnastics classes. She has learned a lot through the horse program, and even gained enough trust and demonstrated enough responsibility to be able to feed and care for them in the mornings.

I had the privilege of taking Katie to gymnastics last week. On the way home, we were discussing how you know if God is real. Julie*, who hasn’t been at Coyote Hill for very long,  was also with us. I heard Katie tell Julie a couple of different times, ‘I’m so glad I went into foster care. Because if I hadn’t gone into foster care, I truly believe I wouldn’t be here anymore.’

 Another part of our conversation on the way to gymnastics included Katie telling Julie about how she has managed her anger issues. Katie encouraged Julie to work on dealing with her anger in healthier ways.
That’s when you know you’ve been successful – when the one you’ve been teaching for years has now become the teacher and encourager!”
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