Church Partners

We need local churches willing to partner with us, multiplying the support our children’s home and our foster families receive.

Our goal is to ensure that each of our children’s homes and every family caring for a foster child is the strongest it can possibly be. This is vital for the success and healing of children and their families. We are asking local churches to partner with us in this endeavor, to multiply the support children and families are receiving. 

Whether a church is looking to support the foster and adoptive families within their congregation, create a foster and adoptive care ministry to support families in their community, or to support our children’s homes, we would love to help you find practical ways to do this.

Church Partner Ideas:

  • Give financially to support foster families at Coyote Hill and in your community.
  • Provide meals for families at Coyote Hill or in your church
  • Create “iBelong” baskets to welcome new foster child placements
  • Raise awareness and educate your members to the needs
  • Help recruit foster families 
  • Host training classes for foster families 
  • Adopt/support a community foster family or a home at Coyote Hill

For more information on how to partner with foster families, contact Foster Care Services Director Aubrey Ash. 

Contact Aubrey for Church Partner Info

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