Coyote Hill is the only state-licensed children’s home in mid-Missouri, and one of few in the state. Thus, nearly all of our placements come through the Children’s Division. We utilize many evidence-based practices in our ministry, all contributing to the healing, growth and success of our children.

1) Staff Training

The key players in the Success for Life program are the Behavioral Specialists – our Home Parents. Once hired, they participate in a six month training program that includes a week long intensive training of CPR, parenting styles and techniques (Love and Logic and Trust Based Relationship Intervention), crisis management (JKM Safe Crisis Management), medical training, documentation techniques, child development, and trauma intervention (Strengthening the Culture of Care: Tools for Effective Treatment for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma promoted by the Missouri Children’s Division.) In the second and third week of training, parents are allowed limited supervision of the children through relief parenting. This continues for up to six months before the Home Parents are given a full-time position in a home. Our Home Parents continue their training and education with three hours of professional development per week, during the school year. The training Coyote Hill’s Home Parents receive is over double what a traditional foster parent receives (over 80 hours of training per year versus 40 for a traditional foster parent.) This provides an environment that is more professional than a foster parent placement, yet much more personal than residential care.

2) Therapy

Coyote Hill utilizes licensed Therapists to help provide accurate diagnosis, along with assessment of current coping skills in the home and provide direction for treatment services. Since our children live on-site, treatment activities occur daily. Children participate in weekly counseling sessions to improve their mental health. Additionally, the Coyote Hill treatment team (the child’s Therapist, Home Parents and Coyote Hill Case Manager, along with the child in some cases) meets quarterly to assess the child’s progress. The on-site Therapist is fully plugged into the daily life of the child, as well as the needs of the Home Parents. The Therapists and Home Parents meet on a monthly basis to go over each child’s progress and make necessary adjustments to his/her plan. Coyote Hill utilizes an eclectic therapy base to individualize the process to the child. For example, focused group sessions can occur with youth who share a specific trauma (ie: young women who have been sexually abused or sibling groups).  Play therapy is utilized with younger children, who may struggle to voice their trauma and struggles. Coyote Hill’s therapists and Program Director are certified  TBRI®  Practitioners. This allows them to train direct care staff in Trust Based Relational Intervention techniques, with its holistic approach to parenting children from hard places.All of these features are available seven days a week, and specialized for each child.

Your Generosity Can Make a Difference in the Life of a Child.