Home Parents, staff and volunteers work together to help our children succeed.

Child abuse and neglect has an impact on our community which reaches through generations. It is our goal to provide children with a better way. Through the role modeling of the live-in home parents in each home, kids can see how relationships are meant to be.

Coyote Hill offers activities and opportunities to facilitate a holistic approach, called our Success for Life program, which promotes good physical, emotional, and psychological health in our children’s lives.

Please read details about the differing aspects that make up our Success for Life program:

In summary, Coyote Hill is organized around holistic areas of growth – spiritual, physical, emotional and educational. These areas involve exposure to a Christian foundation, maintenance of physical & mental health, academic success in school, appropriate behavior at home and in school, social skills, and participation in group activities. Each child has specific, personalized goals. Staff and volunteers seek to equip and encourage the children to meet their goals and celebrate with them whenever they are met.

Physical Support

Nutritional food, well balanced meals, lots of exercise, quality medical, dental and eye care.

Spiritual Growth

We model a Christ-like lifestyle for our youth, not preaching at them, but practicing our Christian faith before them.


Academic achievement is very important to us at Coyote Hill. We want their school memories to be a happy success story instead of another black mark on their record.

Emotional Support

Sometimes young people come with devastating issues that need to be addressed. Coyote Hill provides professional counseling by Licensed Clinical Social Workers.

All of these features are available seven days each week, and are individualized for each child. Home Parents, therapists, staff, and volunteers all work together to make the Success for Life program possible, investing in the lives of each child.

Your Generosity Can Make a Difference in the Life of a Child.