What does a normal day look like?

As much like any other child’s normal day as possible. Children awake to Home Parents who are there to love them, feed them and make sure they are prepared for a day at school or whatever activities the day may hold.

During the school year, children come home and are fed a snack, given homework assistance, allowed time to play outside and just be a child. Nutritious meals are provided, instruction and encouragement are given, and kids interact with the Home Parents and other children in the home just like most children interact with their parents or siblings in a healthy home environment.

During summer break, our kids go on family vacations with their home, attend camp, participate in summer sports and many other activities. Also, on any given day, you can find our children participating in our equine program with our equine specialist in the arena, or tagging along with our vocational skills instructor, learning anything from welding to weeding.

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Connect With Us