Children’s Therapeutic Riding

Our Equine Specialist and Therapists are trained in Natural Lifemanship to provide the best trauma-informed riding practices to our horsemanship program.

Therapeutic horsemanship occurs year-round, thanks to a generous donation from the Overton family in 2011 which helped us build the Overton Arena, a huge 14-stall stable and indoor riding arena.

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine-assisted psychotherapy utilizes a therapist and an equine professional to teach the child about behavior, relationship, and life patterns that must be present.

These patterns are addressed and worked through with the therapist. Relationship and behavior patterns that a child presents when partnering with a horse are often the same patterns a child presents when interacting with people. Many of these patterns were useful when a child was experiencing a traumatic event but are not productive in creating healthy relationships with safe individuals.

By recognizing and changing these patterns with their safe, non-judgmental, and forgiving equine partners, the child has a chance to heal deep set trauma wounds while changing their current and future relationship patterns.

Horsemanship Program 

This program takes the relational skills learned in EAP and applies them to a relationship with the horse by teaching horsemanship.

The children are taught groundwork skills, horsemanship codes of conduct, practical riding principles, and more. Everyone starts with the basics but depending on the ingenuity and interest of the child, they can progress to trail riding, driving a pony cart, relay games… the sky’s the limit!

The program goes at the pace of the child.

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