We’ll Keep It Going, Mark Zimmer

On January 16, 2018, Coyote Hill lost one of our longest and strongest supporters and friends, Mark Zimmer, following his battle with cancer. Mark and his wife Laurene donated our property in the mid-1990s, and donated the funds to build our second home. The Zimmer Home was completed in the fall of 1999, where 153 children have been given “a safe place to be a child” during those 18 years. The impact of Mark and Laurene’s incredible heart for children and families through their strong support of the mission of Coyote Hill will be felt for generations to come.

Mark’s obituary states, “Mark, and wife Laurene, donated land to help establish Coyote Hill Christian Children’s Home, which was very close to his heart.” Mark and Laurene became very close to our hearts as well, as evidenced by these comments:

We’re thankful for Mark and Laurene, because without The Zimmer Home and Coyote Hill, we wouldn’t have adopted three incredible sons. ~~Al and Rachel Howell, former Zimmer Home Parents

Mark Laurene Zimmer with boy Open House 2007 | coyotehill.orgI’m thankful for Mark and Laurene because of their amazing support. They were always so joyous,  always believed in us and we knew we were in their prayers! ~~Charlie and Jaimee Marshman, former Zimmer Home Parents

I’m thankful for Mark and Laurene because they truly care about each child. I’ll forever remember Mark allowing one of our young children to lasso him and play horse! ~~Amy Kingery, former Zimmer Home Parent mom

Mark Zimmer playing basketball with child | coyotehill.orgI’m thankful for Mark and Laurene because they have inspired me to be the very best I can be as a husband, father, and worker. ~~Bill Atherton, Site Director

Mark had joy. He lit up every room he entered. He and Laurene both have genuine care for everyone, child and staff alike, at Coyote Hill. Thank you for praying for these children. They are changed because of your faith. ~~Kari Hopkins, Special Projects DirectorMark Laurene Zimmer visit Zimmer Home | coyotehill.org

Mark told me how he felt impressed on his way to work one morning to donate their property to ministry. God used the Zimmers’ obedience to minister to hundreds of children at a point in their lives when they needed God most. ~~Kelly Myers, Development Director

Mark’s obedience – his gift – had life changing significance in my own life, as well as the lives of so many others. The legacy he leaves us with is both humbling and inspiring. I will be forever grateful that God allowed my life path to cross with Mark’s. ~~Denise McDaniel

Mark and I connected that very first day we sat outside at his picnic table behind the little white house. I will always remember driving around the property in his old jeep, running out of gas, and talking about a future of working together caring for precious children.


In many ways Mark was like a father to me, and I always hoped I was a good son. Mark believed in me when there wasn’t much to believe in. I will be forever grateful. Mark is without question one of the most generous people I have ever known. He is such a genuine man of great integrity, and he cared deeply for the ministry of Coyote Hill to children.


Over the years he often said to me when parting, “Keep it going.” One of the very last things he said to me was, “I love you brother. Keep it going.” I promised him I would.


Mark, thank you so much for giving to the Lord.  I am a life that was changed.

~~Larry McDaniel, Executive Director

Zimmer Home 2010 with family | coyotehill.org

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