We Will Miss You, Bentley

Coyote Hill lost a long-time supporter and friend this past week – Bentley Wright. Many of you simply knew him as the man who inspired the name of our most recent home – The Wright Home. Many of us knew him as a humble servant; very generous and willing to make a difference in the world around him. This statement from his obituary says it well, “He was an eclectic evangelical who believed in the importance of critical thinking, theological education and intentional living. He never hesitated to love others and risked willingly in all endeavors. He was loved by all who knew him.”

He will be missed by all of us at The Hill, as evidenced by the following statements from some of our staff and board members:

Before coming to Coyote Hill, I took a missions course entitled Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.  That is where I met Bentley.  He was a great guy, always helping our classmates and myself.  He was really excited when I told him I was moving to Coyote Hill and told me that he supported Coyote Hill’s mission.  He never mentioned that the house I would be Home Parenting in was named after him.  He was too humble for that.  Bentley was a great guy and will be missed.  ~~Michael Kauffman, current Home Parent in The Wright Home

 I got to know Bentley a little better when I drove him out to The Hill for a staff meeting. We talked about our love for the same music and how we both loved going to concerts. It was a side of Bentley I had never seen before. It was the start of a friendship that continued through email, phone calls, and other Coyote Hill events. I am sad that friendship won’t be able to continue on this side of heaven. ~~Kari Salmon, Development Director

 Bentley brought joy into the world.  His upbeat nature and his compassion for those around him is something we should all strive to have in our lives.    He modeled it and was a man who was after God’s own heart.  I will miss him.  It was an honor to know him. ~~Bill Atherton, Site and Program Director

I am very thankful for Bentley and the example he set for all of us.   During a very challenging time financially  for Coyote Hill,  Bentley was extremely generous and helped us through, so that  Coyote Hill could  not only continue, but also be better than ever in ministering to kids. Bentley had an impact on many and will be missed by all. Thanks, Bentley, for sharing unselfishly and helping provide “A Safe Place to Be a Child.” ~~Pete Cummings, founding board member

Bentley was a humble man who accomplished great things. He was a friend to everyone he met, and never spoke ill of others. Amazingly, even though his body was physically confined to a wheel chair, the rest of him freely soared about, always searching for a way to help others and make a positive difference in an oftentimes harsh world. Bentley had no fear of facing a harsh world, or if he did, he never told me. Instead, the Bentley I knew would face each day with joy and a positive attitude. The Bentley I knew did not consider it his purpose or destiny to be handicapped; he considered it his destiny or purpose to overcome being handicapped, and to that end he was steadfast and sure, and exceedingly successful. ~~Larry McDaniel, Founder and Executive Director

Thank you, Bentley, for your generosity and inspiration – you will be missed.
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