We Need Your Intervention

Let’s be honest. Loving broken people can be exhausting at times. Yet that is what we, as the hands and feet of Jesus, are supposed to do. It’s what we strive for each and every moment at Coyote Hill…loving some of the most broken of “the least of these.” 

Abused and neglected children have learned how to build walls. We’re striving to break through their walls of defense, but it isn’t easy. For every brick we try to remove, they sometimes throw two back at us. We love them, direct them, reach forward again to pull away another brick…and love them some more. Recently it’s been rough. We’ve had many new children arriving, in preparation of settling children into their new placement before the start of the school year. There are also some new staff and Home Parents who want to do their very best, but it’s stretching them more than they’ve ever been stretched.

It’s all good. This is why we do what we do! But we also want to ask you – our faithful family of supporters – to not only be supporting us financially, but also spiritually. We can always use prayers of support – prayers for strength, wisdom and endurance  – but sometimes we covet extra ones. As the new school year approaches, will you consider strengthening us spiritually while also meeting our physical need for school supplies?

  • Pray for divine wisdom for Home Parents as they deal moment by moment with hurting children. Pray for their strength – that they will “not become weary in doing good.”
  • Pray for each of our homes, that they will all grow towards becoming a cohesive family, in spite of all the many different personalities and backgrounds.
  • Most of all – pray for our children. Prayers that they will learn to accept our love and guidance in their lives; that they will feel the safety and peace that surrounds them here and respond positively to it.

THANK YOU, once again, for being our supportive family. We simply can’t do what we do without you!

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