Thursdays are a Blessing.

Last Thursday, God opened his sunshine to all of Coyote Hill, and I was lucky enough to witness three bustling families and even an office staff taking full advantage.  If you had been able to join us that day this is what you would have seen:

  • A teen girl & a Equine Specialist grooming horses
  • Two teen boys and a Property Manager tearing down a fence in preparation for a new one
  • Two young boys and a Parent Aide playing a game of basketball
  • A House Mom gardening with her curious little girl, lifting rocks in search of bugs
  • Another Parent Aide swinging with two more energized kids
  • Two 10-year-old girls taking a couple dogs for a walk down by the lake
  • A mom & her 1-year-old daughter exploring their playground
  • Even a Development Director taking a trip down a slide with her 7-year-old pal

As I walked around to each home, just trying to capture the joy of the day, I was reminded of the beauty of God’s creation, of the beauty of a sunny afternoon.  For me, there is no greater joy than the first signs of spring after a long, cold winter.  At the thought of winter, I am brought back to a similar day walking around The Hill again just trying to capture each moment.  It was 30 degrees outside—I was freezing—and yet that same joy I saw last Thursday was seen a month ago knee-deep in the snow.

They say kids are adaptable, resilient, and just plain tough sometimes.  At Coyote Hill, we see children display all of these qualities.  But by the grace of God we also get to see our children find joy in just about everything they do.

I came across this verse, and I think it exemplifies our expression of love for each of our children:

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” –3 John 4


Here are some of the “joyful captures” of the day.

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