The Necessity for Relief

How many hours a week do you work? A full-time, 40 hour per week job? Perhaps you have a demanding, salaried position that expects 50 or more hours each week…most of us would say that’s the extreme. Even with that extreme, you have the relief of a few hours off each day, a two day weekend most weeks, and at least a couple weeks of vacation each year, right?

Without our relief staff, our Home Parents’ job would be 24/7, seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year. Relief Parents and Parent Aides allow our Home Parents to stay sane and stay on the job, by being available to give them a 24 hour period off each week and vacation time off. They also work alongside them as needed to provide assistance. Ideally, our Relief Home Parents are getting their on-the-job training, in order to transition into full-time Home Parents when the need arises.

With each new home that is built and each improvement that is developed in our program (an Education Center, an Early Learning Center, etc.) we continually find ourselves in need of extra hands. Since the summer of 2017, we’ve had around six part-time Parent Aides, as well as two live-in missionaries on staff. New full-time Relief Home Parents will also come on staff soon.

Thus – the idea for “The Hillside Oasis.” It will be a duplex where Relief Home Parents live, as well as space for Parent Aides and missionaries to do everything from just hang out during their hours off, or spend the night, or spend a summer while giving their time, love and support to our children.

Our Hillside Oasis is a labor of love – literally. To keep costs at a minimum, we hope to utilize as much volunteer labor as possible. Two framing days are planned for April 7 and April 14.

Christian Fellowship Church recently interviewed one of our Parent Aides, Morgan Stewart, and former Relief Home Parents and current Home Parents of The Hubbell Home, Jordan and Violeta Douce. We hope you’ll take a moment to get a small glimpse of the important work they do day in and day out at Coyote Hill:

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