Thankful for Volunteers

Thanksgiving is a time to pause and reflect on all of our many blessings.  Here at Coyote Hill we have so much to be thankful for, but this month in particular has reminded us once again how thankful we are for our many volunteers. 

We have felt incredibly blessed this month by so many wonderful groups that came out to The Hill to work, play and create.  We hope you’ve already read HERE about many of those who came to help at the beginning of the month.  The flow of volunteers didn’t stop there, however.  Since then, we’ve been blessed by groups from Christian Chapel, Rotoract (Rotary for Young Professionals), Phi Mu Alpha from CMU, Mizzou Christian Medical & Dental Association, Bob Tuttle & Ameren UE, and Midwest Woodworking Group…not to mention all of the individuals who have also jumped in to do their part!

During November, these groups and individuals have performed a wide variety of tasks, such as: deep cleaning our kitchens just in time for the holidays, raking leaves, painting, playing with and performing for the children, supplying all the food for our homes’  Thanksgiving meals, cooking and preparing many meals and treats, helping the children create their own wooden benches, making and baking cookies, and creating Christmas ornaments with our kids.  You all were truly a blessing to us and we hope and pray that you, in return, felt blessed to take part in life at The Hill for a few hours.

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