Road Trip!

Summertime and family vacations seem to go hand-in-hand. Thus, as a part of providing that “Safe Place to Be a Child,” we love to grant our youth and children the opportunity to create those traditional, summer-time memories. Memories that will be carried with them for a lifetime.

Recently, Tim and Kristi Hughes and their family in the Hubbell Home loaded up and headed out on vacation. When we say “loaded up” – we mean LOADED – with three adults and eleven children in one van! The long road trip to Michigan provided ample time for lots of stories to be told and countless songs to be sung.  They stayed with Kristi’s sister and family while there, and after resting up a bit on day one of the trip, they were ready to take the Detroit area by storm on the following days.

Mom Kristi explains, “We enjoyed splash pads and sprayscapes, Mill Race Village (a village of homes built in the 1800’s) The Yankee Air Museum, Turtle Cove water park and a day at the Detroit Zoo.  When asked what the very best part of their vacation was, each  and every child answered, ‘the zoo!'”

Kristi continues, ‘The kids loved seeing the kangaroos, elephants, tigers and monkeys. The Detroit Zoo is famous for their Arctic Ring of Life. Watching polar bears play with balls was a favorite with our twins. There was also an underground, glass tunnel through the polar bear and seal exhibit where animals could be viewed from underneath!  The polar bears tended to lay on top of the tunnel as viewers walked by. The kids were amazed at how close we were to the animals, while seeing them in their natural habitat.”

We can’t mention an amazing vacation like this without once again thanking all of you who support our annual Pancake Breakfast. That one annual fund-raiser continues to provide the majority of the funding for our summer recreation fund. Thank YOU for the part you play in helping provide these life-long, family memories for our children!

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