Rivals Work as Comrades

RivalsHarrisburg Bulldogs vs. Sturgeon Bulldogs.  If you follow high school sports in Boone County, then you know the rivalry that exists between these two teams.  During this past year’s basketball season, the competition and rivalry may have been higher than ever before.  However, that didn’t stop Sturgeon Baptist Church’s youth group from reaching out and helping the  “Harrisburg Bulldogs” here at Coyote Hill.

Youth leaders Greg Kelly and Kelly Reeves decided at the beginning of the new church year that they wanted to do more than just minister to the youth of their church and community…they wanted to plan monthly service projects that would teach the youth about serving, rather than being served.   Thus, on a beautiful Saturday in August, 28 youth and adults from SBC showed up at the the Hubbell home, ready to be put to work.  Throughout the day, they did projects as varied as shampooing carpets to eliminating weeds to fixing lunch for over 50 people.  And no bent lawn mower blade, flaming hot BBQ grill, or copperhead could deter them (well…at least not for very long.)
Thank you Sturgeon Baptist for all the hard work, good food, and camaraderie.

And don’t forget, if your group or organization would like to come tackle a volunteer project at Coyote Hill, just get in touch with Development Representative Kari Salmon (kari@coyotehill.org) and she’ll put you to work!

Pictures from the day…
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