Our Early Learning Center

We’re excited to let our supporters know about a new addition to Coyote Hill during the school year – an Early Learning Center.

Our Case Manager Paige Brokaw and Site Director Bill Atherton explain how the idea for the Early Learning Center came about, “The vision for it came this summer when we were prepping for the school year. We had several preschool-aged children and wanted to figure out what would be best for them.  We wanted the Center to offer preschool and day care activities, depending on the age and abilities of children being served. Its primary benefit is that it allows us to care for sibling groups with younger siblings, without having to figure out where the little ones will go during school days. Of course we also wanted to provide them with more opportunities to develop social and academic skills.”

Enter Heather Saddler. Heather has three children of her own. As a stay-at-home mom, she had been running a daycare in her home, but when all of her daycare children became school age last year, she decided she wanted to find a job. A job that would allow her to be home with her children on Mondays. (Harrisburg schools only meet Tuesday – Friday each week.)

Heather and Coyote Hill soon found each other.

Home Parent Mom in The Wright Home, Merri Heberlein said, “Heather’s done amazing things in the Early Learning Center! Within a short amount of time, she had part of the Education Center looking like a professional preschool, with little tables and all sorts of fun and educational activity items.”

Heather believes her role is beneficial for our little ones. “I think it’s important for them to feel safe and have fun while learning. We work on colors, shapes, etc., but also focus on how we should treat others.

“I don’t do everything for them. I always make them try to do something for themselves before they ask me for help. Thus, the best part of my job happens when a child gets it and has that ‘ah-ha!’ moment. I love seeing their little faces light up with excitement!”

Your continued support is what allows us to keep adapting and improving…helping children be and become all they were meant to be. Thank you!

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