“Look What I Got!”

Those words were spoken to one of our staff, shortly before Christmas. The young girl had been with us since the fall, but her little sister had only just arrived. She was ecstatic, showing her off as if she were the best Christmas present ever.

Many foster homes are unable to care for sibling groups, but at Coyote Hill it’s one of the things we do best, thanks to your continued support! In fact, since our inception in 1991, 90% of the 470 children placed in our care were here with siblings.sibling groups are welcome here | coyotehill.org

Siblings like Karlea* and Krissy*, who had rarely been together before coming to Coyote Hill. Karlea, the oldest, chatted about that while Krissy quietly smiled and nodded. 

Karlea said, “It’s bad when you never know when you’ll see each other. Sure, visits get scheduled…but that only means you might get to see them, because they don’t always happen. There was one time we didn’t get to visit for a whole month. But with Krissy here, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

“It’s good not having to worry about her anymore. I don’t have to worry about how she’s doing or when I’ll get to see her. I’m able to talk to her whenever. Of course, that means we also sometimes argue. (they both giggle.) But even with the arguments and having to share a room – we both like being together a lot more than being separated.”girls sit together | coyotehill.org

Their Home Parent mom added, “Just yesterday, I heard them in their room giggling, laughing and chatting away. It warmed my heart.”

Home Parent Mom in the Wright Home, Merri Heberlein adds, “Keeping siblings together is why Andrew and I are here. We fostered before coming to Coyote Hill. We loved it, but tearing kids apart because we didn’t have space for larger sibling sets was heart breaking. Now? We’ve had as many as six siblings together in our home! Coyote Hill’s ability to care for sibling groups means more than words can say.  

“A child’s sibling is often their safe place, so splitting them up means that they have anxiety, wondering about the other one. They’ll even feel guilt when having fun outings without their sibling. Being together helps ease so much fear and uncertainty.” 

Tim*, whose younger brother arrived recently, concluded, “He’s my brother. We’re just supposed to be together, so it means a lot having him here.” brothers at the lake | coyotehill.org

*names changed for sake of confidentiality

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