Jeremy Maclin Charity Weekend

Jeremy Maclin presents check to Coyote HillIt all began Friday evening. Our kids were invited to the Mizzou Athletic Training Complex to meet about 15 former Mizzou and current NFL greats. They happily signed poster after poster, as well as t-shirts, footballs, and helmets for all of our kids. One of the cutest moments during that time was when one of the four-year-olds was handed a poster and autographing pen so he could get autographs – and he said, “I’ll need help writing my name.”

Next – we were all in for a treat, as we found out first hand that boys never really grow up. It was great fun seeing all of the big, tough football guys laughing, teasing and playing kickball with our kids…sometimes even picking them up and running with them so they could get to a base faster. Competitiveness means you always want to win, even when playing kickball with four-year-olds.

Saturday held just as many fun opportunities, beginning with a football camp in the morning that our boys were invited to attend. The camp included lots of running, tackling, foot-work, push-ups and inspiration from these talented football players.

The day ended by watching the guys get a little out of their element to play softball. During the Home Run Derby, our kids and Home Parents were invited to help catch the hit balls. The big Mizzou Legends Softball Game provided an entertaining grand finale. Lots of laughs and friendly competition ensued as defensive players took on offensive players for six innings, with Sean Weatherspoon providing humorous commentary throughout the game. The offensive team won soundly 12-2.

It’s true – the Jeremy Maclin Charity Weekend did provide some greatly appreciated fund-raising support for our ministry. More than anything, however, it provided a tremendous amount of fun and new experiences for our children. Where else could a child in our care get the chance to play kickball with famous football players? Or attend a football camp coached by college and NFL greats? Nowhere else but the Jeremy Maclin Charity Weekend!

We can’t thank The Jeremy Maclin Foundation enough, not only for the financial support, but also for the fantastic opportunities you gave our children. We loved every moment of it!

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