Honoring Foster Moms

May. Our nation not only celebrates mothers in May, but also honors all of those involved in foster care, declaring May as National Foster Care month. So what better time for us to honor and celebrate our wonderful Home Parent moms at Coyote Hill?! Being a foster mom can be one of the toughest, yet rewarding, jobs on earth. Like all moms, they serve tirelessly with little thanks – and yet there is so much more involved. Listen as one of our Home Parent Dads, Brian Wallace, tells us about his wife, Mandy:

She is a mom by birth to three, but currently she is a mother of nine. She cooks, cares for and pours into these future heroes without question. She finds time to spend with them, processing through the easy things as well as all the tough stuff these amazing kids have been through. How does she find time to do all the things she does?  God’s grace.  I call her the Proverbs 31 woman. She is a hero in my eyes.

I interviewed a couple of my kids and they say Mrs. Mandy is a voice for them in hard times when the world feels dark. She listens to them, cares for them and always makes sure they eat well (they don’t want to eat my cooking!)

 A funny side-note along those lines. I sent her away on a little vacation for a few days, and when the kids heard about it, a very important question came from one and all….”Who is going to feed us??!”

"...she takes care of me and makes me feel like her own son."

“…she takes care of me and treats me like her own son.”

Our Executive Director, Larry McDaniel, concludes, “Coyote Hill moms are pros at perseverance. They set the standard. I’ve seen them deal with things that would cause many to give up. But our moms reach down inside themselves and find a strength to carry on. Through their perseverance, grace has a chance to win. It is such an amazing and beautiful thing to watch.”

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