Finding Forever Families

Often, children at Coyote Hill can’t return to their biological family and are dreaming about the day an adoptive family will want them. This has been the case for three brothers in the Zimmer Home. After much prayer and consideration, Home Parents Al and Rachel Howell decided to give up their Home Parenting job and start a family of their own by adopting the threesome. Here’s a glimpse of that moment this spring, when the boys found out they were being adopted. Rachel explains:

“We brought them to the house where we will be living and told them we thought they might want to see where their adoptive family was living. The excitement that ensued was incredible. As they were exploring the home – seeing the welcome signs, their new bedrooms with welcome baskets, etc. – they kept asking, ‘What are their names? Where are they?’ When we let them know that WE were the ones adopting them, the oldest exclaimed, ‘You guys are adopting us!?!  No way!!’ 

“He ran towards us, tears streaming down his face, and jumped into my arms.  The middle brother jumped into Al’s arms and said,

I’m going to call you mom and dad from now on.  It’s been a really long time since I’ve been able to call anyone that!’

“He began crying as well.  The youngest boy was a little overwhelmed and kind of hung back, taking it all in, but he too joined the party, burying his face in Al’s chest and holding on tight. The joy was so tangible!

“They ran through the house again, using the words ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ as often as they could.  The aftermath has been incredible.  The oldest has settled down so much, staying out of trouble at school and at home.  He’s taking so much more responsibility for himself and his actions.  He just needed the assurance of knowing.

“It’s so fun getting to see the excitement remain and to continue to walk this journey with them! On May 25th, we step down from our Home Parent position at Coyote Hill, a ministry that has blessed us so much. Yet the journey is by no means over, and we look forward to our new beginning with these boys.”

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