How long does it take to become a licensed foster parent?

How long does it take to become a licensed foster parent?

The typical timeframe to become a licensed foster parent is approximately 4-6 months. This includes all training requirements, background checks,  the home study process, and CPR/First aid certification.

What trainings are required to become a Coyote Hill foster parent?

The main training to become a licensed foster parent is STARS – a 27-hour course designed to introduce potential foster parents to foster care. CPR/First aid training is also required before licensing can be completed.

What does it cost to become a foster parent?

The costs associated with becoming a foster parent are minimal. All required training is provided for free. You may have to pay a copay for physicals or medical documentation.

How long after we are licensed will we receive placements?

It could be right away or it could a few weeks or months. It depends on various things, such as the age range you are willing to take, or the needs of the children that come into care.

How many children could be placed in our home?

Currently, a traditional foster home can house up to six children in their home. However, this includes any biological children who are already in the home.

How long are children in foster care?

On average, children are in foster care approximately 24 months in the State of Missouri.

What ages of children are in foster care?

The average age of children in foster care in Missouri is between 9 and 10 years old.

Do I have to put the children in my care on my health insurance?

No. All foster children qualify for Medicaid.

Can we foster to adopt?

Yes, many foster parents choose to adopt children who have been in their care.

What if we don’t want to adopt? Can we only foster?


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