Fall Fest, Corn Maze…and Mom is Always Right

On October 2, The Crossing hosted a Fall Fest at Shyrocks Farm, allowing us to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon! The Zimmer Home, Hubbell Home and Wright Home were all able to attend. There were lots of extra fun & games for all ages, with activities ranging from throwing darts at balloon pumpkins to getting dye sprayed on their hair. Everyone had a blast!

The maze itself was a bit challenging. Shyrocks chooses a different theme each year, and this year’s theme is in celebration of 100 years of national parks. The design features a large bison, mountains, and the words, “National Parks Centennial.”

Home Parent Mom in the Wright Home, Merri Heberlein, tells how her home fared in the maze:
“We got SO LOST! I tried to let them take the lead, watching them work it out as a team/family.  I often knew where we were, but tried to let them figure it out – guiding them, but not controlling them and allowing them to make mistakes. It was just a corn maze, after all.  The funniest part was when I finally decided to speak up, and tried to tell them that the exit was only a few turns away. I showed them how they should read the map and where we were on the map…but they just didn’t believe me. As a group they decided to walk all the way back to the start, instead. When we were driving away it was pointed out to them where others were exiting and that I actually had been right. Hilarious laughter erupted in the van. The kids had so much fun – they kept saying ‘thank you!’ over and over.”

A big THANK YOU to The Crossing! And thanks to Home Parent Mom in the Zimmer Home, Tina Strutz, you can enjoy a few photo highlights from the afternoon:
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