Empowering Kids

Are you an empowering parent?

Now, that’s quite an attention-grabber!  What does it really mean to be an empowering parent?  You can read this article here.

I’ll share a few thoughts on what I have witnessed as true empowerment for a child.  This Saturday, a 17 year old girl will travel with her House Mom to St. Louis to compete for the 2nd time in the National American Miss Pageant.  After last year’s first attempt she was eager to participate again.  However, last year without the necessary funding she wasn’t able to participate in all the different contests within the pageant itself.  This was of course discouraging, so in May with the pageant a few months away, she was a little nervous to pursue her dream again.

Under the encouragement and direction of her House Mom, she wrote a personal letter requesting support.  It spoke of her love of fashion, and lack of financial excess due to living in foster care; but it also conveyed an evident eagerness to compete.  She sent it to a few boutiques in Columbia, and Coyote Hill included it in the June newsletter.  Shortly after, God provided all the funding for the competition and new outfits (including a beautiful evening gown from The Villager).

Now with the pageant less than a week away, she and her House Mom are finalizing travel details and packing.  Just last week they went to The Gown House to look at shoes, who called us with an interest in helping!

I have seen a family (especially a mom) truly rally around this girl to help her succeed in anyway they can.  They believe in her abilities, and encourage her constantly.

Soon this 17 year old will be on her own, and again I praise God that she was given parents to empower her to pursue her dreams, and live life well.


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