Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Children

“Parents need to take back Valentine’s Day for their children, including older children. Find ways to communicate to them how important they are to you, and that they capture your heart completely.” ~~Executive Director, Larry McDaniel

Our staff share some of the fun ways they “take back Valentine’s Day for their children.” Simple ways that help our children feel special and show them they are truly loved.

Home Parent Dad Brian Wallace says, “My wife Mandy has made each of our kids a personal card, and we bought candy to go with it. The night before Valentine’s Day, after they’ve all gone to bed, we’ll put them out in the kitchen so they have a surprise when they wake up.

“For our biological children – we’re going to surprise them. They think, since it’s our date night and we have the evening off, that they’ll be stuck here at home while Mandy and I go out on a date…but we’re going to give them Valentine’s Day, instead. We plan to get them all dressed up and take them out to their favorite restaurant and then give them each a gift. We’ll focus on them and not us this year.”

Mandy adds, “We’ve also pre-ordered little bags of candy that will be delivered to each of the kids at school on Valentine’s Day. My dad, who never gave gifts or showed much emotion, made an exception on Valentine’s Day. He personally made sure that he gave us each a gift on Valentine’s Day. I feel like if he thought that expressing his love for his children was that important on Valentine’s Day, then we need to make the effort to do likewise!”

Valentine morning surprise | coyotehill.org

Taylor Largent, Home Parent Aide, says, “I finally got the recipe for my aunt’s wonderful sugar cookies! So, while the Wallace’s have their evening off on Valentine’s Day, I’ll be helping the kids in The Atherton Home make and decorate heart-shaped sugar cookies.”

Things like sugar cookies are a reminder that it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Take for instance Violeta Douce’s description of what they did, We prepped for Valentine’s Day by decorating cupcakes and cookies all together. Instead of keeping all of the treats, we had the kids split them up so they could take it to their class parties and have something fun to contribute. 

“My first grader and I had a lot of fun making a brownie cake together. It had a cream cheese frosting and we decorated it with lots of berries and grapes. It turned out beautifully. Since she was at the arena when we decorated, we did something else with her and she loved it. I had to let go of who I become when I am in the kitchen (super control freak) and let her take the initiative in making the cake. She was so happy, she kept repeating and telling everyone, ‘I am a baker! Look at my cake!’ It was a cake to be proud of, as it turned out lovely!
brownie cake with berries | coyotehill.org
“Right before going to bed, we prayed with them, that God would remind us of how much He loves us; that we are so blessed because no one could ever love us as much as He does, so we do not need to fear not being loved. We will also read the description of love in I Corinthians 13 on Valentine’s Day, to give the kids a healthy idea of love.”

Home Parent Mom Merri Heberlein states, “We like to buy flowers for the girls in our home. We’ve got some middle-school age girls this year, so on Valentine’s Day we’ll personally deliver flowers to them at school.”

Her husband Andrew adds, “We also think it’s important for the boys in our home to see that example – buying flowers and making the girls feel special.”

Executive Director Larry McDaniel concludes, “Make sure your children have a memory of Valentine’s Day that is treasured and brings a smile to their face for the rest of their lives. You absolutely can do it, and will be forever thankful that you did.”

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