If you have ever heard a representative speak about Coyote Hill or come out for a tour, you have undoubtedly heard a phrase akin to “traditional family style homes.”  This is because that is our emphasis; our specialty if you will.  Since inception, Coyote Hill has been modeled to reflect traditional family values.  Each family still eats dinner around a large, family table.  Each child still contributes to the home through daily chores.  Each mom and dad still provide patient love and instruction.  Each home is still a mix of young and old siblings, providing both with several opportunities for guidance.

I found a stunning example of this one Saturday morning.  In Cathy’s Home resides a 14 year old boy, Justin and a 6 year old boy, David.  Two very different children from differing homes, brought together to live and grow.    I was out at The Hill early in preparation for some coming volunteers, and stopped by Cathy’s Home to speak to the Home Parents.  When I arrived I found Justin playing a Shrek video game, and David sitting next to him watching quietly.  They conversed ever so often; David would direct Justin in “how to win,” and Justin promised David that he could play just as soon as he finished beating the next level.  Mostly though, David was just happy to watch his older brother play.  However, when Justin left the room and paused the game for a minute, I watched David creep slyly to the controller in hopes of playing until he returned.  He pushed one button causing the screen to change, and quickly realized his older brother might not like that and sat promptly back in his seat, nervous for his return.  Justin returned, none the wiser about his younger brother’s mischief and unconcerned that his game may not have been exactly where he had left it.

This is an incident which could only truly occur at Coyote Hill, because we offer each child a family.  Our homes are not designated by age or gender.  Meshing these differences can be difficult, but they mostly provide some of the greatest blessing.  These boys didn’t know each other when they arrived at Coyote Hill, but they have since become brothers.  Brothers of mischief maybe; but true brothers nonetheless.

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. –Marc Brown

*Names have been changed to protect children’s confidentiality.


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