Blast from the Past – Summer Camp, Then and Now

We can’t put a specific year on this, since attending camp has been a big part of many Coyote Hill children’s summer experiences over the years. One camp that Coyote Hill has been sending children and youth to for most of our 25 years is Mt. Zion Youth Camp. Former Home Parent and our current Case Manager, Amy Kingery, shared one Mt. Zion memory that occurred sometime before 2010, that stands out above many others:

“One of our young boys that attended Mt. Zion camp decided to sign up for a Preaching Class that was offered. He came home after that week of camp so excited that he decided to prepare a sermon and share it at his church, Harrisburg Christian Church, with the help of his pastor, John Gillman. Summer camp can be a wonderful, growing experience for our kids!”

Just a couple weeks ago, some of our children once again attended Mt. Zion camps. There wasn’t a preaching class this year – but there was a worship training class, with “hands on” experience during each worship service at camp. One of our 12 year olds, Tristan*, enjoyed playing guitar and the cajon on the worship team. His Home Parent Dad, Andrew Heberlein, has been teaching him how to play both instruments. It was a great opportunity for young Tristan to see how his new and developing talents can be a huge blessing to others.

Whether a small, local camp like Mt. Zion, or a huge, famous camp like Kanakuk – our children are always blessed by the time they spend learning to grow in their faith and in their ability to serve in these camp settings. Thanks for your faithful support, that allows our children to experience things like camp – it is always a highlight of their summer!

*name changed for sake of confidentiality

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