Blast from the Past – Letting God Be God in 1993

Co-founder Cathy McDaniel was diagnosed with cancer in September, 1993. With the ministry being so young, and the McDaniels being not only the founders but also the parents caring for the children, many questioned whether or not Coyote Hill would be able to continue. This is a summary of Larry’s response, taken from Coyote Hill’s October, 1993 newsletter…

Letting God Be God

Some are wondering which way this ministry is going to go in view of the fact that we are now also engaged in a battle against cancer.

Coyote Hill has always been a work of the Lord, and “no purpose of Thine can be thwarted.” Those of you who are investing time and money into this ministry are investing in something that is straight from the heart of God. Therefore, you’re not investing in something that is here today and gone tomorrow. It is committed to the Lord, and by Him the “plans will be established.”

There is much in this world that satan means to use against us and the unfolding plan of God. Unfortunately, there are many who allow satan to be successful. But that is certainly not part of our plan. It is our plan to rest “in the strength of His might.” That does NOT mean it doesn’t hurt. It does. When one of our children fall down and get hurt, they run to me. When they jump in my lap, the pain doesn’t automatically go away. However, being in my arms helps them deal with it, because they know I can protect them and take measures to bring about a healing of the wound. Most importantly of all, I tell them I’m sorry they are hurt and that I love them.

That’s where Cathy and I are right now with God. Cancer skinned us up badly. But please know that we have climbed up in the lap of God. It’s still hurting, but God is holding us and teaching us how to deal with it. Sometimes there will be no answers, no reasons ‘why?’ It isn’t heaven yet…but God will hold us until we get there.

It’s letting God be God, that enables Cathy and I to move forward with Him in this ministry at a time when the world around us would say STOP. It’s letting God be God, that helps take our eyes off the pain and to ask God to show Himself strong on our behalf. To ask Him to be glorified.

It’s letting God be God, that keeps strong in our hearts the burning desire to see neglected and abused children have a place of refuge that the Lord has built; a place where they can come and find healing; a place where they can come and find peace from a stormy night, a place where they will learn that God is sorry it happened, but He loves them and He’ll hold them until they’re ready to go outside and play again.

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