A Weekend in St. Louis

Summertime.  Late nights, no homework, fun activities…what child doesn’t love it?  At Coyote Hill, we like to take advantage of summer break as a time to relax and have fun with the kids, free from the tight schedules and many responsibilities that the school year often brings.
Recently, the home parents of Cathy’s home, Eric and Alicia Vahle, planned a whirlwind of a weekend in St. Louis with the children and youth of their home.  Alicia took a few moments out of her busy schedule to share some of the details of their trip with us…

It all began with a Cardinals game at Busch stadium on Friday.  It was everyone’s first time there, so the excitement was high!  On Saturday, the plan was to head to the St. Louis Zoo, but as it was raining, we had to come up with a “plan B”.  We decided on the Science Center and the St. Louis Mills Mall.  The younger children were super excited about aspects of the Science Center, whereas the older ones preferred the mall.  While at the mall, we managed to find activities to please everyone…shopping for sunglasses and purses with the girls, Cabela’s for the guys, and then the NASCAR SpeedPark for mini go-cart rides for the young boys.  Sunday morning found us at Swing-Around-Fun Town, enjoying everything from Big Go-Carts to batting cages.  One of our girls swung so hard while in the batting cage that she actually broke a metal baseball bat!  She was embarrassed, but we all convinced her that it was super funny.  (You go, girl!)  We finished the weekend by attending the “Rock the River” concert event at the St. Louis Arch on Sunday afternoon.  There were lots of awesome Christian rock groups there – our favorite being “Flyleaf”.  We also got to hear Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, give a powerful message.  We didn’t arrive back at Coyote Hill until about 1 AM on Monday morning, but it was a super weekend, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks supporters – for the part you play in making weekends like this a possiblity for our children!

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